Serverless Stack is a free comprehensive guide to creating full-stack serverless applications. Create a note taking app from scratch using React.js, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, and Cognito. Follow our step-by-step tutorials and use our live chat if you have any questions.

Tired of reading multiple blog posts to create your serverless app?

Our comprehensive tutorials include

  • Step-by-step instructions with screenshots for setting up your AWS serverless API backend
  • Easy to understand explanations for creating a React.js single page app without using a ton of other external packages
  • Over 50 tutorials that take you all the way from creating your AWS account to setting up your app with your own domain
  • Complete code samples hosted on GitHub for both the backend and frontend
  • Live chat to answer your questions and help you along the way
  • And it’s all free!

Here is what folks are saying about us

  • I just completed your tutorial on the Serverless stack, and it was fantastic. It was carefully thought out, well-written, and incredibly thorough. You guys rock!

    ‒ Chris Deery, Architect at QuickBase

  • This is the best and most comprehensive fullstack serverless tutorial available. Take the time to go through every step, you will learn a ton!

    ‒ Marcus Molchany, Engineer at Fullscreen

  • A really comprehensive yet simple tutorial on creating serverless React apps. Covers key concepts in a way that even beginners can easily follow.

    ‒ Zhiyan Feng, Full-Stack Engineer at Shyft

Table of Contents


Set up your AWS account

Setting up the Backend

Building the Backend

Deploying the Backend

Setting up the Frontend

Building the Frontend

Deploying the Frontend

Extra Credit